Preliminary Program

October 14  Plenary session

Trends in transport policy; strategy, regulatory environment and economic challenges of railway infrastructure development

  • DÁVID, Ilona, CEO, Hungarian State Railways Co. (MÁV), Chairwoman
    Welcome speech
  • Dr. BECSEY, Zsolt, Deputy State Secretary, Ministry of National Development, Hungary
    Vision of the development of the Hungarian railway infrastructure
  • ALKSNIS, Arturs, Public Affairs Manager, Association of the European Rail Industry (UNIFE), Belgium
    Towards an EU Political and Financial Framework for the Competitiveness of the European Rail Sector
  • Dipl. Ing. Dr. ENZI, Markus, TU Graz, Austria
    Prognoses of Strategic Track Re-Investment Demand – lessons learnt
  • FELDMANN, Márton, MÁV-Start Zrt., Hungary
    Innovative infastructure for innovative passenger transport
  • GIGANTINO, Anna, Head of Department, European Railway Agency (ERA), France
    Legal and technical background of the TSIs
  • DI HANDEL, Christoph, Managing Director, Arsenal RACE; President of NB-Rail, Austria
    The NB-Rail Association – New Legal Representative of Notified Bodies
  • KERSTEN, Hans Günther, Director Freight, International Union of Railways (UIC), France
    UIC’s Activities to promote Heavy Haul in Rail Freight
  • KÖVESDI, Szilárd, CEO, GYSEV Zrt., Hungary – SZÉKELY, Csaba, Head of Austrian Branch Office, GYSEV, Hungary
    GYSEV Zrt. – operation and developments of a Hungarian-Austrian railway company
  • LOCHMAN, Libor, Executive Director, CER, Belgium
    Building the future European railway system (Challenge 2050, RTSE, ERRAC, Standardization & Regulation, Horizon 2020 & Shift2 Rail)
  • LÜTSCHER, Jürg, Head of the Unit for authorisations and rules of the Federal Office of Transport FOT, Bundesamt für Verkehr, Switzerland
    Swiss experience with the application of risc based procedures in authorization processes
  • OUAKI, Stephane, Head of Unit B4 – Connecting Europe and Infrastructure Investment Strategies, European Commission, DG MOVE, Belgium
  • PÁL, László, Deputy Director-General for Operation of Infrastructure and Business Development, Hungarian State Railways Co. (MÁV), Hungary
    Operational strategy of the Hungarian Railway (MÁV)  
  • Dr. TROCHE, Gerhard, National Expert – Policy Officer, European Commission (DG Move), Belgium
    Innovating for the Future European Rail System
  • Univ. Prof. Dipl. Ing. Dr. VEIT, Peter, TU Graz, Austria
    Life Cycle Management targeting a Sustainable Track 
  • WALTER, Michael, ÖBB – Ing. WENTY, Rainer, General Manager Marketing and Technical Sales, Plasser & Theurer, Austria
    Systematic track maintenance on Austrian Railways

October 15-16 sessions

Development of railway infrastructure, new technologies

  • BÉLI, János, MÁV KFV Ltd., Hungary
    Development of rail diagnostic measuring coach
  • BISITS, Adam, Solicitor – MITCHELL, Ross, Consulting engineer, Australia
    Financing and organisation of new heavy haul railways
  • DUBOV, Anatoly, CEO, Energodiagnostika Co. Ltd., Russia – DANDE, Kristóf, Project Manager, Trans Lex Work, Hungary
    Applying of the material testing method MMM in the test of rail
  • ERDŐDI, László, Track expert, Hungarian State Railways Co. (MÁV), Hungary
    Monitoring at the railway bridges
  • GRIVANS, Fredrik, Indheater AB , Sweden
    Switch heatingsystem type Indheater
  • GROSSBERGER, Hirut, Austria St. Poelten University of Applied Sciences
    Lifecycle Assessment of Existing Railway Infrastructures and Probabilistic Performance Approaches
  • DI HANDEL, Christoph, Managing Director, Arsenal RACE; Infrastructure Group Leader, NB-Rail, Austria
    Railway Infrastructure Assessment – Use Cases
  • Dr. HORVÁT, FerencMAJOR, Zoltán, Széchenyi István University, Hungary
    Complex design of embedded rail track system
  • HUDENKO, Justina, LatRailNet JSC, Infrastructure, Riga, Latvia
    Charging peculiarities on European 1520
  • KEICHEL, Jörg: Elektrothermit, Germany
    120 years old is the thermit welding, how to weld now, the high performance rails
  • Dr. KORMOS, GyulaDr. PINTYŐKE, Gábor, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary
    Facts, laboratory works and mechanical modeling. Longitudinal Cracking Problems of Pre-stressed Reinforced Concrete Slippers
  • KULESHOV, Petr, Joint-Stock Company “PIK PROGRESS”, Russia
    Contactless track geometry car
  • LŐKÖS, László, MÁV-Thermit Ltd., Hungary
    Maintenance strategies for turnouts
  • MARKOV, Anatoly, Radioavionica, Russia
    New potentialities of MFL rail nondestructive testing
  • MAROSSY, KálmánPÁSZTOR, József, SPED-M Ltd., Hungary
    Reducing noise and vibration of railway tracks by using vibration dampers on the rail web
    Diagnostic System as a tool for smart management of railway infrastructure
  • MOSYAGIN, Vladimir, Science-Technical Centre of NDT, Russia
    Detection and calculation of the parameters of cracks located under surface defects in the rail head
  • NAWRAT, Wojciech, Head of R&D, Rail.One GmbH, Germany
    From Tram till High Speed – Experience with ballastless track applications in worldwide projects
  • PRETTNER, Lukas, Voestalpine Schienen GmbH, Austria
    How to extend rail service life
  • SARTI, Gianni, Thermit Italiana, Italy
    Selfregulating switch heating system
  • STOLLENWERCK, Bart, Edilon-Sedra BV, Netherland
    New development at Edilon)(Sedra
  • SZATMÁRI, Tamás, Application Manager, Bonar Geosynthetics Ltd., Hungary
    Laser-welded and woven geogrids – Experience on the basis of the German Railway regulations
    High-speed monitoring and diagnostic vehicles
  • TÓTH, Gergő, Gradex Ltd., Hungary
    Triaxial Geogrid for soil stabilization
  • VINKÓ, Ákos, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary
    Practice-oriented tramway track condition monitoring and GIS system
  • Dr. ZSÁKAI, Tibor, Honorary Professor, retired Director-General of Hungarian State Railways Co. (MÁV), Hungary
    High Speed Railways in the world

Rolling stock development, production, operation and maintenance

  • BERISHA, Enis, General Director, Railway Regulatory Authority, Kosovo
    Rolling stock and their maintenance after the recent conflict in the Balkan Peninsula
  • CSÁRÁDI, János, Hungarail Ltd., Hungary
    The role of double decker vehicles for passenger service
  • FERENCZ, Péter, Stadler Magyarország Vasúti Karbantartó Kft., Hungary
    Establishment and operation of the new Stadler bogie overhaul base
  • GRIM, Jaroslav, VUZ, Czech Republic
    The Test Centre of VUZ Velim and the independent facility for testing ETCS
  • HORVÁTH, Gábor, Knorr-Bremse, Hungary
    WSP development experiences at Knorr’s Hungarian subsidiary company
  • KATZENSTEINER, Christoph, CEO, European Locomotive Leasing, ELL Austria GmbH, Austria
    The successtory of Offering Locomotives to be Leased
  • LACZO, Franz, Stadler Bussnang AG, Switzerland
    Stadler EC250 – The world’s first low floor single decker high speed train
  • LARREA, Xabier, CAF Power & Automation, Spain
    ACR system for catenary free tramway
  • MAJOR, AndreaLAKATOS, Béla Sándor, EMV foundation, Hungary
    Integrated Railway Container System
  • MENEGHELLO, Maurizio, Rolling Stock Group Leader, RINA Services, Italy
    Rolling Stock Assessment – Use Cases
  • MICHELBERGER, Frank, Institute for Integrated Mobility Research, St. Poelten University of Applied Sciences, Austria
    Options for the Detection of ice formation
  • Prof. Dr. -Ing. SCHINDLER, Christian, TU Kaiserslautern, Germany
    Lightweight Design on Railway Vehicles – Motivation und Chances
  • Dr. SCHOMAKER, Karl-Heinz, DEUTA-WERKE GmbH, Germany
    The challenge of updated safety requirements in vehicle retrofit projects
  • SLÁVIK, Miloš, Honorary Professor, retired Technical Director of ŽSR, Slovakia
    Double-deck trainsets of the Slovakian Railway Company (ZSSK)
  • SORIN, Leonid,  Academician, Doctor of technical science, First Deputy Director General, AVP Technology, LLC., Russia
    Automated control systems for railway transport
  • STÓSZ, István, MÁV-Start, Hungary
    Application of TSI requirements regarding the development of IC+ railway coach of MÁV-Start
  • STÓSZ, István, Leader of vehicle development – KÉKESI Márton, Coordinator of vehicle development, MÁV-Start Zrt.
    Modern design solutions by vehicle development – Vehicles for specific railway, railway maintenance services (FMK 008)
  • SÜVEGES, László, Ganz Motor, Hungary
    Development of Ganz Motor company
  • SZÉCSEY, István, Siemens, Hungary
    On unified European Railway lines running railway vehicles – Answers from Siemens – Hungarian vehicles
  • TAKÁCS, Tibor, railway expert, MÁV-Start Zrt.
    Hybrid vehicles using for passenger and freight transport service
  • TOLNAI, László – LAMBERTSEN, Søren, , DSB Maintenance, Denmark
    Contradiction between requirements and practical experience
  • WALT, Guido, Wear-Management, Switzerland
    The role of the human factors in the planned and corrective maintenance of the railway vehicle stock
  • ZSCHÄCHNER, Wolfgang, Lubricant Consult Gmbh

Telecommunication, signalling, traffic management

  • FARAGÓ, Péter, Head of Business Segment, Siemens Zrt., Hungary
    First ETCS L2 project in operation Ferencváros – Székesfehérvár line
  • FORNARI, Federica, Team Leader, GSM-R Certification, RINA Services, Italy – SZABÓ, Tivadar, Deputy Director, KTI EC Certification Directorate, Hungary
    GSM-R & ETCS Assessment, Use Cases
  • HOLZKNECHT, Robert, Bid & Project Support Manager, Thales Austria, Bid & Project Support, Austria
    Complex design of centralized traffic control
  • HORVÁTH, Gábor, technical expert, Hungarian State Railways Co., Technology Centre, Hungary
    Hungarian specialities of Siemens and Thales RBC functionalities, emulation and testability with the application of TuS/TVS systems
  • HOSSE, René Sebastian, Research Associate, TU Braunschweig, Institute for Traffic Safety and Automation Engineering, Germany
    Economic benefits and potential markets of GNSS based train control management
  • LAURENTIU, Ivan, Business Development Manager, Alstom, Romania
    ATLAS 200 interlocking platform and regional project experiences
  • MINDEL, Klaus, Thales Germany, Product Management Train Control, Germany
    Technical solutions and field experiences of migration from national Train Control Systems to ETCS
  • NOWOTNY, Jochen, Vice President Product Line Management and Research & Development Kapsch CarrierCom
    Future Railway Mobile Communication System (FRMCS) the prospects from Kapsch CarrierCom point of view
  • DR. SZEPESSY, Zsolt, Managing Director, evopro Innovation LLC., Hungary
    Dynamic Railway Diagnostic System for Network Operation
  • SZIGETI, Dániel, Consultant, TuMotus GmbH, Germany
    Urban challenges – railway responses
  • TALALAEV, Valerii, Deputy General Director for Strategic Development, Radioavionica Corp., Railway Department, Russia
    Microprocessor signaling systems on Russian Railways
  • CALVIN, Chuko, Product Manager, Moxa Wireless, Germany – WANG, Sean, Business Development Manager, MOXA Europe GmbH, Rail Communication, Germany
    MOXA’s Solution for Reliable Train to ground CBTC communications
  • WELTE, Jan, Research Associate, TU Braunschweig, Institute for Traffic Safety and Automation Engineering, Germany
    Open ETCS – Development of an open ETCS On-board reference model
  • ZENTAI, András, Recruited Researcher, CECRIS Project / Test Engineer, Prolan Co., Railway Department, Hungary
    Applying Model-Driven Engineering of a Railway Interlocking System: an Industrial Case Study

Energy supply, catenaries and lighting technology

  • Arsenal Race, Austria
    Railway Energy Assessment – Use Cases
  • Dr. BARKÓCZY, Péter, Fux Zrt., Hungary
    Advantages of the surface treatment of contact wires
  • CSERESZNYÁK, Miklós, Tungsram Schréder Zrt., Hungary
    Advantages of LED Lighting
  • Dr. GAÁL-SZABÓ, Zsuzsanna, Head of Company, Energochem Ltd., Hungary
    Examination of lifetime of railway transformers
  • JONY, Harald, Director Energy Management and Sales, ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG, Austria
    The significance of cross-border energy management for sustainable and interoperable railway systems in Europe
  • KÖKÉNYESI, Miklós, Head of Department, Hungarian State Railways Co. (MÁV), Hungary
    New challenges for the traction power supply system of MÁV
  • LEBNER, Markus, Head of Sites, ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG, Austria
    Smart and Innovativ Railway Stations in Austria
  • PACHE, Christoph, TU Dresden, Germany
    Special Characteristics of Converters and their Modeling for the use in 50 Hz Railway Traction Power Supply
  • SAGIADINOS, Thomas, Cegelec Mobility, Lyon, France
    Energy saving in public transport
  • UFERT, Martin, IFB Institut für Bahntechnik, Germany
    Converter Technology for the use in 50 Hz Railway Traction Power Supply
  • Dr. VARJÚ, György, Professor Emeritus, BME VET
    Electrical safety and earthing aspects in the new standards for the a.c. electric power and electrified traction lines