Between 14-16 October 2015, we welcomed a total of 423 registered participants (124 from abroad and 299 from Hungary) at our conference. These participants came from 29 countries, from Norway through Lithuania to South Korea and even to Australia. During the three days, a total of 89 presentations were given, 60 by guest speakers and 41 by Hungarians. 33 exhibitors were present with stands, of them 14 were foreign companies.

On basis of the feedbacks received till date, the participants considered the conference valuable and interesting, both from the point of view of the number and quality of the presentations and the networking opportunities offered alike. The venue, the services provided and the social events have also received a positive mention from the participants, let them come from Hungary, Russia or the Netherlands.

Our goal is to have railway engineers from all over Europe (and also from a little further East, from Russian language territories) meet in Hungary every other year for a genuine professional exchange of views and experiences, as forward-looking thinking and coordination between the nations are not only useful but also necessary for the future of railway transport.

So we are looking forward to welcoming you in Budapest also in 2017.

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The first InnoRail Budapest conference was held in the Budapest Congress Centre on 28-30 October, 2013. The conference was called into being by Hungarian professionals committed to rail transport with the objective of thinking together about the present of rail transport in order to foster its future development.

A total of 303 participants from 18 countries, were present at the first conference. Excellent speakers – 14 from Hungary and 32 from other countries – have offered presentations and contributed to the creation of a level of quality unknown in Hungary before. In summary, we can state that this tradition-creating event achieved its objective and created a veritable forum for an exchange of views between different professional fields of railway infrastructure, for the discussion of practical issues and for presenting novel innovative developments, tools and methods.

Creation of a safe, modern and integrated railway network that can make rail transport more competitive remains one of the highest priorities of the European Union. There are numerous endeavours and measures focusing on innovation and efficiency. These objectives are also served by the fact that the European funds available for infrastructure investments in the 2014-2020 programming period have been trebled and 80% of these will be spent on railways. Railway-related R&D funds have also been trebled in order to make the European railway network more lucrative to passenger and freight transport providers alike.

We intend to contribute to this work through organizing a European international rail conference.

The location of the Hungarian capital offers an excellent opportunity for making Budapest a meeting point of railway professionals arriving from all parts of Europe where they can receive the most topical pieces of information shared by outstanding international and Hungarian experts. We are inviting speakers and participants from numerous countries of Europe but, naturally, visitors from other parts of the world are welcome too.

During InnoRail 2015, you can meet experts of strategic importance to you and your company, build new contacts among decision makers, designers, contractors, suppliers, and scientists widen the scope of your partners and deepen your relations with existing ones.

 We are hereby inviting you to participate in InnoRail 2015, the second conference in the series to be organized in 2015.

Official languages of the conference are English, Hungarian, and Russian.

The first day of the conference will feature plenary sessions, while the other two days will be organized into parallel section meetings.

Abstracts are most welcome in all three languages, in the following topics:

  • Infrastructure construction and management
  • Telecommunication, signalling, traffic management
  • Energy supply, catenaries and lighting technology
  • Rolling stock development, production, operation and maintenance
  • Rail bridges and structures
  • Presentation of research results

Infrastructure operators from Hungary and abroad, industrial partners, researchers and theoretical and practical experts are all most welcome to the conference!

We hope to see you in Budapest!

Conference Chairman: Ilona David CEO, MAV